The Emmy’s were last night

And House of Cards was snubbed.

I think that’s really all that needs to be said about the Emmy’s, mostly because I didn’t watch them. Instead, I watched JEWTOPIA with a friend last night.

He thought the movie was terrible. I thought it was brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to win any awards but the sheer ridiculousness of this movie had me laughing most of the way through. The scary part of it all was as I was watching it, I kept thinking to myself, I sort of say and do the same things that these Jewish women do. Maybe not to the extreme that they do things, but there’s definitely a little bit of Jew in me. Not surprising, given that my father’s Jewish. In any event, Jewtopia is sort of like the movie “The Hebrew Hammer” which I would suggest you watch before this one. Both were funny, but the Hebrew Hammer is definitely funnier.

In other news, the New York Football Giants are terrible. I even got a text from my dad last night saying as much. They lost to the Carolina Panthers last night 38-0. Their record is now 0-3 and they play the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday.  The Giants will have a losing season, the Yankees are not going to the playoffs, the Mets’ season ended on April 1st at opening day (as per usual), and sadly, I think the Jets are going to do better than the Giants this year.

What has this world come to?

Congratulations to Mr. Stephen Colbert for his win last night at the Emmy’s.

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