The cuteness in the world

So I had a string of emails between myself and the professor in Atlanta this morning. After the third email, I sent one of my friends the email string with the words, “Aren’t we the cutest?!”

She agreed. Effectively, our cuteness stems from our excitement over nerdy stuff. I don’t want to get into too much detail here.

I’m going to talk about the “Like” button on Facebook today. In a scary turn of events, 15,000 people “like” Hitler on Facebook. What’s surprising is that I’m not one of them.

Here is a little bit of backstory: Reuters reported on September 18th, 2013 that the Facebook “like” button has been deemed protected speech under the 1st Amendment. So basically a few guys that worked for the Sheriff in Hampton, VA “liked” the sheriff’s opponent’s facebook page. These guys were fired and claimed that they were fired because they like their boss’ opponent on Facebook. The ACLU stepped in for the guys that were fired and basically sued the Sheriff. The U.S. court of Appeals (4th circuit) found that 3 of the 6 guys that were fired were fired illegally and that they can pursue claims for reinstatement. What it comes down to is this: “Facebook users who employ the website’s “like” feature to show support for a political candidate engage in legally protected speech.”

Effectively, the U.S. court of appeals is saying that “liking” a candidate’s facebook page is the same as putting a “Vote for X” on their lawn which is protected as free speech.

I just want to say that this shit would not fly in Russia, China, Belarus, or North Korea. In fact, the way Kim Jung Un treats his former lovers, I would probably STRONGLY caution you from liking anything on Facebook other than what the great leader posts himself. I have no anecdotal evidence off the top of my head for Putin, Jinping (President of China), or Lukashenko (Ruler President of Belarus), but I know they’re out there.

Anyways, I gotta jet.


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