Remember that time in July when I was super stressed?

If you don’t, shame on you. I remember. It was stressful. TRB submission 20XX is always crazy. I was getting to the office before 7am. I was staying in the office until after 7pm. That’s a long day. At least I didn’t sleep in the office like some of my friends from UT Austin. I should actually call him and see what’s going on with him… Sorry off topic.

Well, at least one has been accepted! Our senior mobility paper has been considered for presentation at the 93rd Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

The reviewers seemed to be divided on a bunch of stuff and I think our third reviewer just hates us. When the reviewers just say its good or its bad, we want more. We want to know why its bad or why its good. Reviewer number 3 told us it was bad and that the grammar was tortuous, although we’re all native English speakers. I think this is why they don’t release the names of the reviewers because true story I would email this guy and ask for specific examples.

TRB acceptance also means that I get to see my love, who shall remain nameless because she’s asked me to keep it that way. Now the only thing she needs to do is to tell her boss that she submitted a paper to TRB…

So yeah, I’m super excited! I don’t think I’m going to mention it at school until I hear back about the second paper because that’s the one my advisor really cares about. I’m also not sure if he knows I submitted this Senior Mobility paper. I told him but I’m not sure if he remembers.

Anyways, I’m going to start looking up flights. I’m super excited!!

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