Longest day ever

Seriously… I got to campus before 7am this morning and I’m still on campus (almost 12 hours).

I’m exhausted. In any event, I’m in a GSA (graduate student assembly) meeting and naturally I was reading Google news and stumbled upon a doozy.

VLADIMIR PUTIN HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE 2013 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE… members of the group actually said that Putin was far more deserving of the award than Obama who won it in 2009.

We find out in 9 days who will win the award. 259 individuals have been nominated and in addition to Putin, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Malala Yousafzai join him as nominees.

I think you all know who I want to win this year… actually, I’m super torn between Putin and Snowden. Edward Snowden is sexy but Vladimir Putin is A MAN. I’m super torn.

Oh man, people are serious about this Coffee, Bagel, Donut Day. So basically, on Friday mornings the graduate student association host this CBDD event where graduate students can get free coffee/tea, bagels, and donuts. Anyways, they don’t have someone to run this event and these grad students are UPSET about this. Some guy said that his constituents view CBDD as the most important function of the GSA is CBDD.

And they just found someone to do it. The Public Relations officer just cried. THIS IS NUTS.

So we evidently will have this event definitely next Friday and maybe even this Friday.

I can’t handle this… it’s too ridiculous.

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