It’s been a long time internet

Greetings. I’m back from the orient.

I would like to say that China was pretty amazing. I didn’t get homesick at all — in fact, I didn’t want to come back to the states. Beijing (at least the part that the conference was held) sort of reminds me of the Lower East Side in Manhattan, which I know makes no sense at all. There are tons of small bodegas, lots of trees, and people EVERYWHERE. What’s even more surprising is how non-communist the whole city felt. Beijing is a bustling and vibrant city that is incredibly urbanized and globalized — it’s really amazing.

I met some really great people at the conference, around Beijing, and on my flights to and from the capitol city of China.

One of the most memorable portions of the trip was when I first arrived and took the bus to the hotel with one of the conference organizers. I arrived around midnight on Friday morning (note I left Wednesday night) and when we were on the bus, we saw a truck full of live pigs driving next to us on the highway. The pigs were stacked on top of one another in a huge truck! I didn’t get a picture of it but it was incredible.

Below are some pictures from my trip:


This is a bike parking lot at Peking University where the conference was held. I thought UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara were insane about their bike parking lots but these are nothing in comparison to the ones at Peking University!


Remember that time that the Olympics were in Beijing? Well I went inside the Water Cube (the Bird’s nest was closed) and took a few pictures. I’m super obsessed with the Olympics. I’m also still bitter about London 2012 not being New York City 2012 — I bought shirts and everything for NYC 2012!


This is the torch from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games! I have pictures of the 2010 torch from the winter games in Vancouver too.


This is the Olympic torch in Vancouver…. It’s pretty different from the one in Beijing but I’m going to blame it on it being winter vs. summer and Canada vs. China.


This is a picture of a trolly car in Beijing. I’m not exactly sure where we are but I bought some crazy liquor in China. 58% ABV — that’s pretty high in case you’re wondering.


This is how people get around in China. This is also taken at one of the houtongs which I think is just a nice name for an old neighborhood. There’s this ongoing effort in Beijing to keep houtongs untouched because they are both culturally and historically important. Its weird though because you have this old neighborhood right next swanky bars and shops.


Last but not least: These are two people from China. The girl is wearing a New York Football Giants sweatshirt. She had no idea who they were. She got it from a friend who visited the states a while back. Anyways, she and her boyfriend asked me if they were a famous team in America — naturally I told her yes and that they were my FAVORITE team. They then asked me if they were any good — I told them usually yes, but not this season, which was unfortunate. They looked confused by this answer so I told them yes. The Giants are going strong at 6-0 I mean, 0-6. Whoops.

Really quick: I’m sad to announce that neither Putin nor Snowden won the Nobel Peace Prize. I remember reading about who won it but they’re irrelevant because it wasn’t Putin or Snowden.

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