Tis the season

So I ended up coming back on Saturday night from the retreat (instead of staying there). I really wanted to come home so that I could go to the farmers market, do some homework, and most importantly return to normalcy before I leave for Poland in a month.

In any event, last night I asked my roommate is it was comforter time. Basically, I wanted to know if it was socially acceptable for me to pull out my down comforter and start using it. It’s definitely getting cold enough that I need at least a blanket on top of my quilt but will it stay this cold? If it does, then I’m more than ready and willing to pull out the LLBean comforter — I’m actually excited. Long story short, if its cold enough tonight, I’m switching over to the down comforter!

Moving on to other things. I had a lovely ride home last night with two people from my retreat. We spoke about their girlfriends/wives and my love life woes (for lack of a better term) — perspective. I think we all gained some. One of the guys has been dating his girlfriend for 3 years and isn’t really sure if he likes her — at least I’m not in that boat, on either end. My advisor’s wife (not in the car) told me I should marry someone from Eastern or Central Europe to get citizenship and get a job in Europe. I told her I’d work on it when I went to Poland/Hungary (oh I may be going to Hungary for 2 days) and find myself a boyfriend. She quickly corrected me and told me husband — I needed to find myself a husband. I feel like there needs to be an in between.

Until later

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