Sorry President Christie

As most of you have probably heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no longer going to be the nation’s next president due to Bridgegate. As a big Christie 2016 hopeful, I’m somewhat disappointed that he decided to shit on my grandmother’s town. Whenever I’m home in New York, I go to Fort Lee to visit her. Fort Lee’s traffic is not great — in fact, it’s pretty bad. Rather than taking responsibility for the whole mess, Chris Christie initially said his office played no role in shutting down the lanes to get to the GWB but emails suggest otherwise. The whole thing is messier than my hair when I wake up in the morning. 

Moving on to better and brighter things: The Eagles are not in the playoffs anymore! They were eliminated by the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night — pretty great game. My friends are talking about what they did over Christmas break: sex, exercise, drinking beer, and relaxing. I won’t comment on how many of those things I did or did not do. 

The beginning of the quarter has been a bit slow. I haven’t seen too many people around the office and there isn’t the usual TRB poster printing rush which seems kind of strange. It happens though. I feel like UC Davis will not be as well represented as they have been in the past. As many of you know, one of my biggest issues with California is how relaxed everyone is. Deadlines are more like guidelines and no one seems to feel the need to actually turn anything in on time. It’s not surprising that many people here were scrambling to finish their TRB submissions late in the evening of August 1. I’m somewhat apathetic about the whole thing now. I think the lack of people in the office is making me lethargic. 

On the course front, I’m taking 1 class and 2 seminars. Both seminars are required which is ok but the one I’m dreading the most meets in 2 hours. It’s a public speaking seminar and I hate public speaking. I also hate speaking in front of people that I don’t know… which will be the entire class! 

I think I’ll go read the news now. 

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