Post 108

True story, how cool would it have been to have my 108th post posted on 1/08? PRETTY FREAKING COOL. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Today is 1/09 and although I thought about double posting today, just to have the satisfaction, I decided against it.

In any event, good morning! It’s 8:36 am Pacific time (11:36 am Eastern for the mathematically challenged) and a lovely 41 degrees in Davis, CA. The sun is shining and the birds are signing. Alright so I’m not THAT happy, but I’m happy enough. The sun is actually shining and I was listening to music on my ride in to school so I can’t say about the birds either way.

Chris Christie is still at the top of Google News. He has fired his aide and finally apologized for Bridgegate. T-Mobile has decided to give the finger to AT&T and announced starting today if you switch from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint they will pay your early termination fees. It’s actually a great deal. T-Mobile is significantly cheaper than all the other carriers for a family share plan (especially if you have 5 lines). The phones (in my opinion) are better because they’re all world phones. I don’t have any experience with their service but I’m fairly certain that is going to hurt them. I actually am in the process of calling T-Mobile because my family plans on switching to T-Mobile. Evidently, Verizon got rid of their discount for firefighters and my father was very upset…

And T-mobile is making my head spin

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