When bears attack

People buy and use the weirdest shit. I’m not even kidding. My roommate got back from her holidays about 2 weeks ago and she brought back with her this jar of “homemade sugar scrub”. This would probably be a good time to note that my only experience with bears (other than my bear and moose dish set, sheets, and remote control holder) comes from the 1998 remake of “The Parent Trap” with Lindsay Lohan where she gives her soon to be step-mother (Meredith) a bottle of “bug spray” that turns out to be sugar water and tells Mer to bang two tree branches together to keep the mountain lions/bears away. That about sums up my experience with bears. Anyways, my roommate has got what I deem to be “eau de bear” sitting in our bathroom and I’m fairly certain that every bug and bear in the state is going to find her and possibly eat her. Oh well.. at least I get her room, right? In all seriousness though, I am confused as to why anyone would want to wear something that will clearly make you sticky (tee-hee, you immature schmucks).

Moving on… I just got back from TRB yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to arrive Thursday night but Delta went on the plane and told us it was too heavy and that they needed a passenger to get off. So for $600, I said goodbye to my friend sitting next to me, murmured under my breath that everyone else was crazy to not jump at this opportunity, and walked myself off the plane and went to a hotel (for which Delta paid). I was also upgraded to first class on my flight yesterday morning, which was SPLENDID. Actually, it was really nice.

I’m getting a bit stir crazy here already. I think it’s because I don’t have another trip planned yet. I want to go to Portland or Seattle soon… I think I may plan a trip for President’s Day Weekend. This is how I roll.

Some words of wisdom: Yesterday as I was getting ready to fly out I was watching the Today Show (or something similar) and they were saying that the virus that was able to breach Target’s system was written in Russian. Even better, they haven’t figured out a way to stop it so a lot of other stores are vulnerable. Keep that in mind guys.

In closing, I found out this week at TRB that one of my friends from UT actually reads this blog. It made me smile. Hey dude!

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