A goodbye letter


Karma’s a bitch. I don’t mean that in the sense that you deserve what’s coming to you — I deserved what was coming to me. Before I met you, I was dating this CRAZY guy who didn’t understand that when I broke it off, it was over. I got emails, snapchats (I can’t believe this is even an actual thing), calls, and texts basically asking me what went wrong in our relationship, why it ended, and what we could do to make it better. Although it got to the point where I officially deemed him “cray-cray” (if you will), I at least now understand where he’s coming from. I started ignoring his texts (before we broke up), I took longer to respond and when I did finally respond they were short and to the point — I made it seem like I wasn’t interested. However, I finally took the initiative and ended it. In the end he told me that he hoped there was a guy out there that I like who didn’t like me and ignored me just like I had done to him. He got his wish.

I hate myself for allowing your lack of interest to get to me. I hate that I ALWAYS text you and when you text me back YOU seem interested, you seem like YOU want to do something, you seem like YOU like me. Most of all, I hate being played. I know that I should have taken the hint weeks ago. I talked myself into continuing whatever this is/was. I defended you even though I had this feeling of doubt the whole time. You couldn’t do anything because you were sick or because you had work or because you were tired or lazy or whatever. I’m not saying that those aren’t good reasons but what I’m saying is that if you were //really// interested you would have found a way to see me or even made time for me. I know I sound crazy, but I’m not going to apologize for being myself.

I will apologize for not having the guts to send this though. Instead of confronting you, which I believe is what I should do, I’m using my blog to reveal my feelings.

Good luck.


So I’ve written this but I know that in approximately 10 minutes, I’ll be a dumbass and text this guy because I’m that smart.

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