The dating world is a rough place

I want to give my thanks to the movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You” for teaching me when a guy is just not that into me. However, I occasionally get these curve balls (i.e. when someone says at the end of the date “It was nice to meet you” and then sends you a message saying that they would like to go out again some time) that completely confuse me! Also, there was this guy that I’ve met before at an event on campus who messaged me. I thought he was messaging me to be like, “Oh hai! I know you,” but he wasn’t. When I asked him about stuff, he was like, “Oh! I’ve met you before! That’s right!” YES SIR, YOU HAVE MET ME BEFORE. duh.

Moving on. My father came out this weekend and we went wine tasting, ate a ton of food, and went to a basketball game where we saw the Sacramento Kings bend over to the Denver Nuggets. I think Denver teams are just practicing for the Super Bowl on Sunday where the Seahawks will bend over to Peyton’s team. Go sports!

In more exciting news, I am going to Seattle for a mini-UT reunion! I’m excited — I’ve never been to Seattle before (except to drive through it on my way to Vancouver). I know I want to go to Pike’s Place. They want to hike Mount Rainier. We’re also going to watch one of them run in a 10K on Sunday. To do everything we all want to do, I am renting a car. My friend who lives there said that the car rental (for him) was going to be $85/day. After doing a quick search on Kayak, I learned that the car rental was going to be $36 for 2 days. In any event, I have reserved a car for 2 days for a total of $30. We’re getting an economy car which is supposed to a Chevy Spark (or similar). I LOVE THE CHEVY SONIC (I know that the Spark and Sonic are not the same car) so I’m hoping that they give us one of those if they have them.

If anyone has any suggestions about what to do in Seattle, you should let me know!

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