Well that escalated quickly…

So for those of you living in a cave, the Super Bowl was played last night at Giants’ Stadium (ok, so it was played at MetLife Stadium, but seriously no one calls it that). The Seattle Seahawks beat Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos. Out of respect to one of my friends who is a huge Denver fan, I will not talk about the game.

I will however talk about the commercials which are almost as famous as the big event, itself. (quick question though: If you attend the super bowl, do you still see the commercials?) There were three commercials that caused somewhat of a frenzy last night: Cheerios, Chrysler, and Coca-Cola. The three “C”s, if you will.

Let’s start off with Cheerios.

The 31 second advertisement above led some poor [ex]-MSNBC employee to tweet that individuals on the right-wing would not be ok with the fact that Cheerios was advertising a bi-racial couple. After the tweet went viral, the RNC chairman issued a statement that he was banning his staff from appearing on any MSNBC shows until MSNBC issued a public apology. The tweeter got fired and MSNBC issued an apology. Don’t fret anyone — we can still see RNC staff on MSNBC. Whew.

Moving on to Chrysler:

This 2:01 minute advertisement from Chrysler offended Germany, Switzerland, and all of Asia by saying that Germany should stick to making beer, Switzerland should stick to making watches, and Asia should stick to assembling phones. Also, America should make cars. Chrysler, hold the phone. You’re owned by FIAT (Fix it again Tony) an ITALIAN car manufacturer. Your cars might be assembled in America, but true story, the parts probably aren’t. In fact, Volkswagen (a German car manufacturer — in case you can’t keep up) assembles their popular Passat model in Chattanooga, TN. I think Toyota and Nissan both have assembly plants somewhere in the southern United States, as well. Switzerland doesn’t produce cars but it’s kind of offensive that you think they should stick to making watches… HAVE YOU TRIED THEIR CHOCOLATE? Actually, have you tried America’s chocolate (Hershey)? Hershey’s chocolate is kind of disgusting and Swiss chocolate is kind of amazing. Just saying. I don’t have anything to say about the Asian crack mostly because I know that all of my cell phones were made in China. So Chrysler was kind of right about that… unless you have the Moto X.

I should probably mention that I’m not a huge Chrysler fan. They have the Chrysler 300 which is [literally] a cheap knock off of Bentley’s Flying Spur model. You drive a Chrysler, not a Bentley.

Moving on…

To Coca-Cola:

The 1:01 minute Coca-Cola advertisement is a montage of short clips of Americans (I guess) with America the Beautiful being sung in different languages in the background. What makes this commercial so popular is that “America the Beautiful” is not in America’s official language, American. For those of you scratching your heads right now, the United States does not have an official language. In any event, this commercial has caused quite a commotion and has led many people to tweet, text, and Facebook post that they will no longer be buying Coca-Cola products because what Coca-Cola did was unAmerican. Fun story: we all know that the RNC will only be providing Pepsi products [because of the Coca-Cola ban] at the 2016 convention. People were upset that “America the Beautiful” was sung in a language that was not American English, featured people that weren’t white, and, supports the growing illegal immigrant community in the United States (OK, I made that last one up but I know that someone was thinking it). In truth, had I not used closed-captioning during the Super Bowl, I would have been super confused by what was going on. I knew that the tune was “America the Beautiful” but once they switched to Spanish, I was like.. “Say what? That’s not English.” I was surprised by the multiple language changes, but it’s actually a really beautiful commercial. Kudos to you, Coca-Cola. I would exclusively drink Coca-Cola products if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t really drink soda and I grew up in the same town that the PepsiCo world headquarters is located. Barring that, I would TOTALLY be a Coca-Cola only gal.

I think what people should really be offended about is the missing polar bears and the adorable Google commercials.

Coca-Cola polar bears, we miss you.

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1 Response to Well that escalated quickly…

  1. Anonymous says:

    From a real official (super disappointed) super bowl attendee – they showed a few commercials (maybe 3? not too sure, I was busy cursing and crying and sulking) on the big screens. One of which was the Budweiser puppy commercial.

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