Snapchat hurt my feelings

So this morning as I try to procrastinate I was going through my Snapchat settings and found that it tells you who your best friends are. According to Snapchat, I have no best friends. Sad faces to everyone.

On a happier note, Belarus won its first medal at the Sochi Olympics yesterday. Darya Domracheva will be taking the gold medal in “Biathlon Women’s Pursuit” back to Minsk with her in a couple of weeks when she returns to White Russia (I feel like this is offensive to say, but oh well). She is the first Belarusian woman to win gold at the Winter Olympics. Kudos to you Darya. GIRL POWER and all that jazz. 

Moving on, I’d like to make an apology to everyone reading this blog. In my last post, I incorrectly stated that Sochi was located in Siberia. In fact, Sochi is located near the Black Sea on roughly the same longitude as Chechnya. I’m American and more importantly I’m from New York, nothing west of the Hudson River really exists for me.  In case you’re interested, neither place is anywhere near Siberia. Actually, Sochi has a very mild climate (given that it’s in Russia), so I’m not really sure why people are wearing the puffy down jackets.

Back to girl power. This video (which is not safe for work) has been floating around the internet and facebook over the last few days. It’s a bit strange and it needs no explanation.

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