Where’s MH370?

It’s sort of like “Where’s Waldo?” but 27 years later — Where’s Waldo was first published in 1987. In all seriousness, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been missing for roughly 10 days (at this point almost 11 days if you live in Asia). How on earth do you lose a Boeing 777? That’s not a small plane. I could see possibly misplacing an CRJ-700 or an EMB-120, but a Boeing 777? The plane holds almost 270 people. Granted its not a 747 or an Airbus 380 — both hold around anywhere from 350-525 people. Those are really big planes. Anyways, I digress. The search for MH370 is still on. The CNN coverage is almost as bad as it was on June 24th for the Edward Snowden “is he or isn’t he on a plane to Russia/Venezuela” debate. That day made me despise Mr. Blitzer and everything he held dear. Today CNN broadcasted a pre-recorded interview with one of the pilot’s neighbors. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS GUY’S NEIGHBOR GOING TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DISCUSSION? Seriously, if you can tell me one worthwhile reason to interview this guy’s NEIGHBOR, I’ll get off CNN’s case and join the Fox News bashing party. (I don’t bash Fox News because everyone else does).

In a nutshell, MH 370 is still missing. I believe (off hand, without double checking) that 10+ countries are now involved in trying to help find this plane. Also, Boeing’s reputation is probably going to take a hit from this whole incident.

Moving on… I’m not a huge fan of doctors. They’re always trying to prescribe you crap (that you don’t necessarily need), give you flu shots, or lie to you about the severity or side effects of pills or whatever. Clearly, I need a new doctor. I know this. However, I had a decent interaction with my doctor this morning. I won’t go into details BUT this guy was not bad. I’m never totally comfortable with male doctors. They ask you personal questions and I always make really inappropriate jokes. Jokes that men //probably// should not be hearing. In any event, I’m sort of curious what kind of follow up (if any) I’m going to get. I switched up my BC today because the last one was CRAZY. I was supposed to sign some sort of consent form but I told the nurse I wanted to talk to the doctor before I did anything. I talked with the doctor. He and I both agreed that I needed a change. I still haven’t signed the consent form and I’m already at school. WOOPS. I actually forgot to sign it and on my way home I thought about it but decided that I didn’t want to go back. So let’s see what happens now.

Last but certainly not least, my friend has started a blog. For some inexplicable reason, I follow her blog. She takes pictures of her cat, Maya, and then writes about it. I did tell her that I thought she was out of her mind for doing this but since she’s my friend, I’m going to advertise her blog on here. mycatmaya.wordpress.com.

Enjoy the cat

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