If you’re reading this page, I’m going to assume that you have no idea who I am and/or you’re incredibly bored — either way, thanks for reading.

I just googled “What is the point of a blog?” to explain why I’m doing this more eloquently than simply, “I’m using this blog to let people know how the road trip is going.” That being said, Google was absolutely useless. Maybe I should start with the basics; I won’t get too personal though.

I just finished my Master’s degree/research at UMass (I’m not specifying where because that’s offensive. For me, it would be equivalent to referring to Penn State– Altoona as Penn State. Penn State is in State College, PA and Penn State – Altoona is in Altoona [I think]… you would never call Penn State, “Penn State- State College” so why do it with UMass?) in Engineering. Instead of staying in the great ole’ town of (you guessed it) Boston Amherst, I’m moving to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin to get my PhD.

In case you were wondering, my name is not Eva Braun, my parents do not hate me that much. I drive a VW Golf and being quirky, I name my cars. My last car (Honda Civic coupe) was named Jesse. My VW Golf is named Eva Braun because I thought that naming it “Adolf” would be in poor taste; not to mention the fact that not everyone actually knows who Eva Braun is. It’s sort of like a brief history lesson for those who don’t know who she was — and before you ask, I do not have her Wikipedia page lying around in my car waiting to school people on Hitler history. I should also probably include the little tidbit that I am Jewish — figured I could throw that in somewhere.

Eva and I (plus a special guest) will be making the trip down to Austin starting Friday, August 5. Our trip is as follows:

  • Day 1: Drive to Charlottesville, VA (Home to the University of Virginia)
  • Day 2: Drive to Knoxville, TN
  • Day 3: Drive to Huntsville, AL (U.S. Space and Rocket Center)
  • Day 4: Drive to Memphis, TN (RENDEZ-VOUS RIBS!)
  • Day 5: Drive to New Orleans, LA (Bienvenue!)
  • Day 6: ? (We’re not entirely sure what we want to do with this day)
  • Day 7: Arrive in Austin! (My new home)

In a nutshell, I am a New York/Greenwich Jew that has a weird obsession with dictators who is moving to Austin, Texas — yeehaw.


One Response to About…me?

  1. I have always wondered what people don’t know you will think of you. This is a good test for that. šŸ™‚

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