When bears attack

People buy and use the weirdest shit. I’m not even kidding. My roommate got back from her holidays about 2 weeks ago and she brought back with her this jar of “homemade sugar scrub”. This would probably be a good time to note that my only experience with bears (other than my bear and moose dish set, sheets, and remote control holder) comes from the 1998 remake of “The Parent Trap” with Lindsay Lohan where she gives her soon to be step-mother (Meredith) a bottle of “bug spray” that turns out to be sugar water and tells Mer to bang two tree branches together to keep the mountain lions/bears away. That about sums up my experience with bears. Anyways, my roommate has got what I deem to be “eau de bear” sitting in our bathroom and I’m fairly certain that every bug and bear in the state is going to find her and possibly eat her. Oh well.. at least I get her room, right? In all seriousness though, I am confused as to why anyone would want to wear something that will clearly make you sticky (tee-hee, you immature schmucks).

Moving on… I just got back from TRB yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to arrive Thursday night but Delta went on the plane and told us it was too heavy and that they needed a passenger to get off. So for $600, I said goodbye to my friend sitting next to me, murmured under my breath that everyone else was crazy to not jump at this opportunity, and walked myself off the plane and went to a hotel (for which Delta paid). I was also upgraded to first class on my flight yesterday morning, which was SPLENDID. Actually, it was really nice.

I’m getting a bit stir crazy here already. I think it’s because I don’t have another trip planned yet. I want to go to Portland or Seattle soon… I think I may plan a trip for President’s Day Weekend. This is how I roll.

Some words of wisdom: Yesterday as I was getting ready to fly out I was watching the Today Show (or something similar) and they were saying that the virus that was able to breach Target’s system was written in Russian. Even better, they haven’t figured out a way to stop it so a lot of other stores are vulnerable. Keep that in mind guys.

In closing, I found out this week at TRB that one of my friends from UT actually reads this blog. It made me smile. Hey dude!

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Post 108

True story, how cool would it have been to have my 108th post posted on 1/08? PRETTY FREAKING COOL. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Today is 1/09 and although I thought about double posting today, just to have the satisfaction, I decided against it.

In any event, good morning! It’s 8:36 am Pacific time (11:36 am Eastern for the mathematically challenged) and a lovely 41 degrees in Davis, CA. The sun is shining and the birds are signing. Alright so I’m not THAT happy, but I’m happy enough. The sun is actually shining and I was listening to music on my ride in to school so I can’t say about the birds either way.

Chris Christie is still at the top of Google News. He has fired his aide and finally apologized for Bridgegate. T-Mobile has decided to give the finger to AT&T and announced starting today if you switch from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint they will pay your early termination fees. It’s actually a great deal. T-Mobile is significantly cheaper than all the other carriers for a family share plan (especially if you have 5 lines). The phones (in my opinion) are better because they’re all world phones. I don’t have any experience with their service but I’m fairly certain that is going to hurt them. I actually am in the process of calling T-Mobile because my family plans on switching to T-Mobile. Evidently, Verizon got rid of their discount for firefighters and my father was very upset…

And T-mobile is making my head spin

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Sorry President Christie

As most of you have probably heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no longer going to be the nation’s next president due to Bridgegate. As a big Christie 2016 hopeful, I’m somewhat disappointed that he decided to shit on my grandmother’s town. Whenever I’m home in New York, I go to Fort Lee to visit her. Fort Lee’s traffic is not great — in fact, it’s pretty bad. Rather than taking responsibility for the whole mess, Chris Christie initially said his office played no role in shutting down the lanes to get to the GWB but emails suggest otherwise. The whole thing is messier than my hair when I wake up in the morning. 

Moving on to better and brighter things: The Eagles are not in the playoffs anymore! They were eliminated by the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night — pretty great game. My friends are talking about what they did over Christmas break: sex, exercise, drinking beer, and relaxing. I won’t comment on how many of those things I did or did not do. 

The beginning of the quarter has been a bit slow. I haven’t seen too many people around the office and there isn’t the usual TRB poster printing rush which seems kind of strange. It happens though. I feel like UC Davis will not be as well represented as they have been in the past. As many of you know, one of my biggest issues with California is how relaxed everyone is. Deadlines are more like guidelines and no one seems to feel the need to actually turn anything in on time. It’s not surprising that many people here were scrambling to finish their TRB submissions late in the evening of August 1. I’m somewhat apathetic about the whole thing now. I think the lack of people in the office is making me lethargic. 

On the course front, I’m taking 1 class and 2 seminars. Both seminars are required which is ok but the one I’m dreading the most meets in 2 hours. It’s a public speaking seminar and I hate public speaking. I also hate speaking in front of people that I don’t know… which will be the entire class! 

I think I’ll go read the news now. 

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Sometimes honesty is the worst policy

Not really…

Actually honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

In any event, I’m listening to Maroon 5’s “The Man who Never Lied” and that’s one of the song’s lyrics. I couldn’t think of a good title for this post so I ripped it straight from the lyrics.

Self doubt. I hate second guessing myself. I hate that I read into everything and dissect it — realistically, I’m probably misinterpreting and misreading everything but that seed of self-doubt and questioning remains. Honestly (always the best policy), it’s the worst.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days. I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night and I spent part of those restless hours writing this post in my head. I’m fairly certain that what I wanted to write (as in the actual words) isn’t what I’m writing now.

Forget it. This isn’t happening tonight. I’m too tired and not thinking straight.

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The Supreme Leader is at it again

Seriously… I love this guy. He’s out of his mind. (Actually, with some of the guys I’ve recently gone out with, he fits right in. He’s (no joke) my type — but my disturbing fantasies are for another time).

Fair and Balanced, Fox News is reporting that Kim Jong-un has fed his uncle to starving dogs. I always knew this guy was a dog lover, but I’m thinking that this might be a little too much. Instead of executing the guy North Korea’s normal way (firing squad – refer to Alias Season 3 Episode 12 “Crossings” for more details), the Supreme Leader had his uncle and 5 of his friends fed to 120 dogs that hadn’t eaten for 3 days. Many of you may have not even bothered to question why Kim’s uncle was fed to the dogs but for those of you with inquisitive minds, never fear — I have the answer. Kim’s uncle was accused of selling cheap coal and metal to China. The uncle was somewhat of a communicator between Beijing and Pyongyang who evidently got greedy and wanted to make a little extra Yuan (which at 12 Chinese Yuan to 1 USD, I hope he was making millions).

Ouch guys, ouch.

I think the only positive thing I can say about this guy is that he’s married. Someone actually married this nut job, which means… there’s hope for me. I don’t feed my uncles to dogs, after all.

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Happy New Year everyone!

I think my resolutions this year will consist of:

  1. Being a better person
  2. Stop talking to my teddy bear
  3. Stop expecting a response from my teddy
  4. (The obligatory) Lose weight, try to be my best self nonsense.

In any event, I’m back in California stuck in the city of Davis until some unknown time today because my roommate’s dumbass boyfriend parked his car right behind my car and left no car key for me to move his car, should I want to, you know, go somewhere that isn’t Davis. I’m a little bitter about the whole thing. I feel like if his car wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be so upset or annoyed, but because I’m physically unable to leave the city of Davis without the aid of others, I’m annoyed.

Instead of going out and exploring (ok let’s be honest, just driving around and getting lost), I’m home watching the Ravenswood marathon. DON’T JUDGE ME! It really is a terrible show though. While I watch, I’m making matzo ball soup. Tonight, I’m making macaroni and cheese. This is the best macaroni and cheese you’ve never tasted. Seriously, AMAZING. C-A-R-B-S are on the menu for the next few days.

It’s only 12:40 and I’m super bored. I also feel like it should be 5pm, but that’s because I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up at like 4am because of the time change. My body has a clock and it sticks to it’s schedule.

Oh man, these St. Jude Hospital commercials are making me cry. I’m going to go do that now.

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Sometimes the TSA makes me scratch my head

This is my last day in California… until I’m back, which is relatively soon. It’s not tomorrow soon or anything silly like that but it’s not 4 months from today far away. In any event, I have started thinking about what I’m going to bring back to New York with me and one of those items are my ice skates. I’m worried that I won’t have enough room in my checked luggage (i.e. my only luggage because I only have carry on sized baggage and I’m bringing home liquids, so the stuff has to be checked). As a result of my worries, I went to my favorite website http://www.porntube.com http://www.google.com and did a simple search which brought me to the TSA “What’s allowed in your carry on bag”-website. To my surprise, ice skates, figure skates (because apparently they’re different), and roller skates/blades ARE allowed in your carry on luggage. What’s even more surprising is that the TSA thinks a baseball bat is more dangerous than the toe pick on my figure skates. Truth be to told, I’d much rather be beaten with a bat than someones figure skates, but maybe I’m in the minority on this one.

Long story short, the figure skate crisis has been averted because those suckers are coming with me as a personal item. Shazam.

In other news, one of my biggest fears has become a reality: someone (other than myself) read my master’s thesis. Every time I think about my thesis, I always pray that no one will ever google my name and find it because it was really that bad. Seriously, I’m not sure how I even got my masters degree. In any event, my friend read some of it and when he told me he was reading it, I BEGGED him to stop and told him I’d send the better TRB paper, which I will definitely do. It’s kind of cool though, my name is out there now — not on this though, sorry guys.

I think I found a new trivia that I like — I want to go a few more times but I think I found one. It’s a bit out of the way, so getting my regular team to go might be a problem, but if we can get a team of 4 together, it’ll be great. I went last night with the friend who started to read my master’s thesis and we did meh, but in my defense I was exhausted and didn’t know many of the answers. It happens, oh well. There’s always next time. The trivia at this place reminded me of the trivia at the Harp in North Amherst. The trivia master (or whatever you want to call him) was loud and drunk just like Harpo. There were two rounds of 20 questions each, which is like the Harp and it was about 3 hours — like the Harp. It was also at an Irish pub, which is what the Harp is. I miss the Harp and Harpo — a lot.

Alright, I’m at 500 words. I should call it quits for now.

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